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 KYRA Armboard (UK)

Código: KYRA2006

Código Interno:

KYRA® Armboard & PadsRadiolucent. Cleanable.The entire armboard is constructed of a strong glass-filled polymer that wraps around the underside and fully encloses the armboard. This feature prevents any fluid from collecting around the mount as well as eliminating any pinch points from exposed teeth.RadiolucentDesigned to prevent fluid ingressUltra durable and strong materialEliminates gear grinding and pinch hazardsPatient weight capacity 500 lbsThe smooth curved shape on the underside of the armboard allows for high radiolucency and an easy to clean surface. There are no long metal rods to create interference with imaging.The KYRA armboard is topped with a premium armboard pad and can be ordered in 2″, 3″, 4″ thickness or custom sized as needed.

 Secure-Release Clamp, US

Código: KYRA4100

Código Interno:

Clamps designed to safely hold surgical accessories to the side rail.BLUR_SecureReleaseClampSecure-Release™ ClampMounts and locks anywhere on railPrevents false rail engagementPurple button safely releases clampAutoclavable



Código Interno:

Bone Foam offers the highest-quality knee wedge options on the market. Our triangles are soft-tissue friendly while also offering the stability necessary for applicable procedures.Can be used with Bone Foam Custom Sterile BagsUseful for Tibial Nailing, Retrograde Femoral Nailing.

Air Supply Hose Cover

Código: Air Supply Hose Cover

Código Interno:

Lessen the Risk of InfectionHoverTech’s Air Supply Hose Cover is a convenient, disposable cover that protects the entire length of the Air Supply Hose from getting soiled. It’s especially useful for infection control and high fluid areas.


Código: Air400G

Código Interno:

Developed to Provide Rapid InflationThe original HoverTech Air Supply model, Air400G (1100W), provides rapid inflation of the HoverMatt and HoverJack products.



Código Interno:

The Axillary Cradle is contoured to provide pressure relief and protection of the patient’s brachial plexus. It cradles the chest and offers support to the nerve while in the lateral position.

CS Adjustable Mirror

Código: CSM-2566

Código Interno:

CS Adjustable Mirror

CS Adjustable Mirror Plus

Código: CSM-2567

Código Interno:

Supports the patient’s face during prone procedures to reduce the incidence of pressure related injury.Even pressure across forehead and cheekbonesAdjustable cogs to achieve a neutral necklineSmall and Large Cushions available

CS Bow & Wilson Comfort Covers

Código: CSM-2608-6

Código Interno:

Compatible with Bow & Wilson frames. Added protection for the patient and extends the life of the supports.Reduces skin shearSoft and waterproof drapesSingle-use

CS Bow & Wilson Standard Covers

Código: CSM-2570

Código Interno:

Compatible with the Wilson or Allen Bow Frames. Protects the support pads and aids infection control.Protection for the Wilson or Allen Bow FrameWaterproof sleeves slide easily onto the supports of the frameThe square drape and bar-roll protect the supporting frameSingle-use to aid infection control

CS Chest Support

Código: CSM-2709

Código Interno:

The CS Prone Patient Supports are compatible with all Allen and Jackson spinal operating tables. The velcro-free secure locking clips enable safer patient transfer and improved infection control.Multi Layers of pressure-relieving foamQuick-release locking clipsVelcro-free supports

CS Comfort Covers

Código: CSM-2606-1

Código Interno:

Compatible with CS Prone Patient Supports. Added protection for the patient and extends the life of the supports.30mm soft foam for improved pressure-reliefAbsorbs MoistureReduces risk of shear injurySingle-use